Zombie Outbreak

We had an absolute blast running the Zombie Outbreak 2017. The event was a huge success and fully sold out! Look for us again in October 2018. You can expect more weekends of the Outbreak and a new Scarier game as well! 

WHAT: The Zombie outbreak is an upcoming Live Action Haunted attraction hosted in Gimili, MB during the month of October. Players will find themselves in a zombie infested facility. In order to complete the Outbreak your team will need to complete challenges and solve clues. Work with other teams or leave them to fend for themselves. Gather weapons and supplies to defend yourself and don’t just run, fight back!

WHEN: The next Outbreak will take place in October 2018. Can’t wait that long? Check our our Zombie Apocalypse in June!

WHERE: 208 Dunlop Ave, Gimli MB. Located in the Gimli Industrial Park Airport, the building is a dorm with hundreds of rooms, formerly used by the RCAF and now used by the air cadets. For google map click here.

WHO: The event is adventure horror themed, geared towards all those ages 12 and up. Anyone ages 15 and under requires at least one adult chaperon in their group. The facility has several stairwells and is not wheel chair accessible, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. All participants regardless of age must sign a copy of our waiver form.

VOLUNTEERS: We are always looking for dozens of volunteer zombies for this event. Interested in getting involved or know someone who might be? Send us a message or apply on Facebook!

COST: Ticket price for the 2018 Zombie Outbreak has not yet been set. Tickets will be available online only.

REGISTRATION: Registration can be expected to begin in August for the 2018 Zombie Outbreak. Players will register for a time slot, we do not plan to have any limits on team size this year only a max player count per time slot so whether you’re 1 or 10 come on out! Each time slot will hold approx 40 people, meaning you may bump into other survivors during your experience.

COMBAT: To defend yourself from zombies you will use Nerf Blasters which fire foam darts. Our Zombies are able to move because, while all primary brain functions have ceased, their hearts are still pumping blood through their bodies, shoot them in the chest and they will die. Please do not aim at our Zombies faces. Under no circumstances may you grab, strike, or be physically aggressive with our zombies.

WHAT TO BRING: Clothing that can get a little dirty; while unlikely, there is a chance you will get fake blood on you. Our blood washes out, but we still don’t recommend wearing your most expensive top. Please do not bring your own Nerf blasters, flashlights, or any other tools as you will not be allowed to use them. Everything you need for this event will be supplied to you. Players may bring in water and medical items such as inhalers.

PARKING: There will be free parking available for all participants.


Thank you so much for your interest in our event! If you have any more questions feel free to Contact Us.

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