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Welcome to the Frontier LARP ticket shop! Here you will find tickets and booking information for all our latest events.

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Note: All event tickets are Online Sales Only. If you are unable to purchase tickets online please contact us to make alternative arrangements. Thanks!

Tickets for 2019 Events starting with the Zombie Apocalypse will be available early spring. Thanks everyone for the amazing year!

Combat Launch Tickets

Enter the Tournament!

Zombie Apocalypse Tickets

Can you survive?

Wasteland Tickets

Battle for rule of the Waste!

Coupons & Discounts

Wasteland Child Discount
Between the ages of 12-15 and looking to attend one of our Wasteland: Post Apocalypse games?
Message us to get a 50% off coupon code.

Volunteer Discounts
Volunteering at an event you are also playing at? You may be eligible for a discounted ticket price.
Message us to find out.

Larp Organizer Discount
Are you a LARP organizer? We know how much effort you put into organizing and pulling off events and we believe that deserves recognition! Message us to see if you qualify for our LARP Organizer 50% off discount.