Welcome to our staff page. Featured here are the key figures behind the Frontier’s many different events and day to day operation.

In addition to those listed on this page The Frontier LARP also owes a great deal of its success to a dedicated team of Volunteers who have devoted countless amounts of time and energy, affectionately referred to as the Frontiersmen. We also rely on countless other casual volunteers, without whom many of our games wouldn’t work. To all of you who have helped us out over the years; Thank you!


CEO and Founder: Luke Raymond Thiessen

lukeThe Frontier was founded in May of 2016 by Luke Raymond Thiessen. Luke runs the company with the help of his wife Nicolette and many others.

In addition to founding the Frontier, Luke also founded the Steinbach LARPers Society in 2010 and has created the largest LARP game in Manitoba, the Zombie Apocalypse. In his spare time Luke enjoys writing, singing, prop building, and of course; LARPing.

Email: thefrontierlarp@gmail.com


Co-Founder: Nicolette Thiessen 

Nicolette, commonly known as Nikki, has worked along side her husband Luke to run LARP’s long before the Frontier was first conceived.

Nikki first began LARPing in 2011 and since has become an invaluable asset. Providing ideas and inspiration as well as editing, critiqueing, and helping keep Luke and his ideas grounded.

Email: nicolette.warkentin@gmail.com


Web Developer: Shayne Thiessen

shayneOur website developer and tech support Shayne is an expert in programming and has built multiple websites including that of the Frontier LARP through his company Black Edge Development.

Older brother of Luke, Shayne has helped shape the Frontier LARP’s online presence and helped in a multitude of other ways with the companies growing success including the frequent use of his faithful Toyota Tacoma.

Email: shayne@shaynethiessen.com


Props Master: Sharon Thiessen

Working behind the scenes and backing her children every step of the way is Sharon Thiessen.

Sharon has been supporting Luke in his LARP venture for years and has become more heavily involved with the creation of the Frontier LARP. Helping build props and design sets for the various Frontier events. Sharon’s tireless efforts allow the Frontier to run events to big for one person alone to carry out.

Email: travshar@mymts.net