Sept 2016, Apocalypse

Apocalypse, sept 2016 After 4 years of Apocalypses at Sunny Glade Farms this was our first year at our new location, Paintball Paradises St Laurent. There were nearly 200 people in attendance. With the defeat of The Lady, head of Parasol, this year the players worked to aid the resistance as they attempted to establish a town and regain a foothold for humanity. This proved challenging though and eventually the town had to be abandoned as a massive horde gathered and overran it. The giant horde made its way back to the Resistance’s primary military base and would have entirely overrun it until a very much undefeated force of Parasol troops arrived, rescuing any who agreed to come with them, and leaving the rest to die. ALBUM 1 game photos: Photo Credit Albert Sousa    ALBUM 2 Group Photos: Photo Credit Albert Sousa