June 2015, Apocalypse

June 2015, Apoclypse

The 5th annual Zombie Apocalypse game was held on June 13th 2015, there was approx 250 people in attendance despite a brutal downpour at the start of the evening.

This was also our last game at Plett farm. We are so grateful for the 4 awesome years we had there!

In this game the players once again entered as agents of Parasol. The Town was back but this year it was completely Parasol run. Players lined up in droves to get missions handed out by the Lady and her minions. The Resistance grew stronger than ever, camping out deep in the woods outside of Parasol’s reach. At the end of the game all the Parasol players gathered in town for the evac as the zombie hordes amassed outside the walls. The Lady then revealed to them her plans to gain control over all the zombies using a modified strain of the virus which she then injected into herself, mutating into a monstrous tentacle beasts. The players, with the help of the Leader of the Resistance were able to destroy the monstrosity and the zombies with her by feeding it an explosive, marking the defeat of the Parasol organization, or so it seemed…

Team Photos by Albert Sousa

Game Photos by Albert Sousa