May 2014, Apocalypse

May 2014, Apocalypse

The 4th annual Zombie Apocalypse game was held on May 31st 2014, we had a record attendance of over 300 people!

In this game players were working as agents of the Parasol Corporation. there was no town for the players to gather in and remain in relative safety, only the Parasol base which gave out mission to the players. Players also had the option to join the Resistance, a group of freelances who sought to stop the spread of Parasol and their corrupt practices. At the end of the game only those with the highest clearance levels were allowed on the evacuation before the gates were sealed and the rest were left to be devoured by an angry zombie horde. The half dozen players that made it onto the evac were given a personal “congratulations” from The Lady, the head of Parasol.

Team Photos by Albert Sousa

Game Photos 1 by Albert Sousa

Game Photos 2 by Bert Cellestino