Horror LARP

“The three of you walk down the dark shadowed path, huddled up tight. You stand in front clutching an ax tightly in your hand. You hold it high, poised to strike, your only line of defense from painful death. You hear the sharp snap of a twig in the woods beside you, you whirl fast enough to see a large dark shape leap towards you, letting out a blood curling howl. You swing the ax with all your might.”


What is Horror LARP?

Horror LARP is a unique horror survival experience where players are thrust into the midst of a horror film brought to life in live action. They are not allowed to bring in any weapons or tools as all supplies must be found in game.

This years theme is the Aztec Curse. An ancient dark spirit has been released from a local museum after a timeless relic was shattered. The players must find a way to defeat this evil spirit and imprison him once again.

Who is it For?

The game is intended for players age 16 and up. All attendees must sign a copy of our waiver form which can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Even if you don’t want to participate and would just like to come spectate we welcome you to come see what we do, pictures are always welcome!


The Horror LARP is currently being run at 234 Centre Ave, Blumenort. Parking is across the street in front of the Friendly Family Farms Hatchery. 

What Are The Costs

Unlike many LARP hobby groups the Frontier has a game fee which allows us to continue running our site and pay our staff. In return we provide a much higher quality game and far grander facilities.

Adult Game Fee: $25

Game Breakdown

The Horror LARP is a 4 hour event which follows the typical pattern of all our events.

    • During the first half hour players will arrive and sign-in
    • Once sign-in and the game briefing are complete players will be send into the game in small groups in order of arrival.
    • For 3 hours of game-play the players will run, hide, and fight to avoid certain death while trying to unravel the latest mystery or curse.
    • The game ends once the players are able to solve the curse and defeat the villian.
    • The end of the game will be followed by a short debrief period. 

Getting Started
So you want to join the Horror, but exactly how do you do that? Well here’s a few helpful tips:

  • Like our Facebook page, this is the main way we communicate with our players and is also the easiest way to keep up to date with all of our events and news.
  • Read the rules, the more familiar you are with the rules of the game type you want to attend the easier it will be on the day you show up and the less time we’ll have to spend explaining things.
  • Know our Safety Protocols, please make sure you have read our safety protocols. Items deemed unsafe will not be allowed into our games and players found engaging in unsafe or prohibited behaviors may be asked to leave.
  • Download and Fill out our Waiver form, all our attendees are required to sign our waiver form in order to participate in any of our games as players or crew.
  • Send us an email, you can email us anytime at thefrontierlarp@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Show up! There are a lot of ways to get started and prepare to attend your first Frontier LARP, but the most important thing you can do is simply show up and we’ll help you figure things out.