Combat LARP



What is Combat LARP?

Combat LARP is a skill based, competitive, medieval themed LARP game. Players will use LARP weapons and armor to fight for their Kingdom.

The game itself follows a very simple honor based rule system. Each game will feature various capture the flag like objectives. Like in a sports program, teams will compete to win games, but do so while dressed as medieval warriors. At the end of the season only one team will emerge victorious.

Despite being focused on combat this is still a role-play game at heart, participants will play as medieval soldiers sworn to their king, fighting to defend their families and land. Get your battle cry and death screams ready.

Set in a realistic world there are no elves, dwarves, orks, or magic, in this game. If that’s more your thing then why don’t you check out our The Frontier section.

Who is it For?

223379_10150299028344488_776489487_9596385_8120520_nTo participate in Combat LARP players must be at least 16 years old. These games are full contact and designed for players who like to compete and test their skills. They are an excellent source of exercise and a great alternative way to stay active for those who aren’t interested in any conventional sports.


Combat LARP is currently being held on the south end of Winnipeg at La Barriere park for the 2017 season.  

What are the Costs?

One of the benefits of LARPing is that one can spend as much or as little as they wish on the hobby. Good costumes can be made for relatively cheap out of thrift store items and safe weapons can be simply constructed at low costs. There are also a vast number of high quality weapons, armor, and costuming that can be purchased online.

Unlike many LARP hobby groups the Frontier has a game fee which allows us to provide higher production value games with more props and setup.

Note: the below costs include a team colored tabard.

Regular Game Fee: $10 per person
Season Finale: $35 per person
Rentals: $5.00 Sword and Shield Combo (other options available)

Season Pass: $110 ($125 value, includes all 9 regular games and season finale)

Game Breakdown

IMG_8740 [Edit]

A season of Combat LARP will consist of 9 regular games, 1 season finale game, and a season end Feast to celebrate the year.

The season finale game will be a full day event in which the teams will battle to decide which kingdom shall rule the land for the following season.

An average Combat LARP game runs for 3 hours and is broken up as follows:

  • Players show up at the site, get suited up, and sign in
  • The sign-in process involves paying game fees (or presenting your season pass) and testing all weapons for safety. All weapons must be tested every game.
  • Players will engage in small skirmishes and mini games for the first 30 minutes.
  • Then participants are divided into two teams, the Red Team and the Blue Team, these teams are fixed and new players will be assigned to a team.
  • Players then engage in a 2 hour scenario game with a different objective every time. The two teams go head to head to earn gold for their kingdom.
  • Once the main scenario game is over players will once again engage in some light skirmishes and mini games for the  last approximately half hour or so.

Game Types

In Combat LARP there are several different game-types we play, with new ones being invented all the time, here is a list of a few of our most frequently used ones:

  • IMG_8660 [Edit]Skirmish; a direct battle between 2 teams, first team to kill off the other wins.
  • Scenario; a long game type (typically 1-2 hours) with re-spawns in which two teams battle for various objectives such as transporting a supplies, capturing loot, freeing prisoners, etc.
  • Gladiator; players form up in a ring and must battle to the death, every man or woman for themself, last person standing wins. Absolutely no teaming up …unless you want to 😛

How Do I Get Started
So you want to join in the battle, but exactly how do you do that? Well here’s a few helpful tips:

  • IMG_8645 [Edit]Like our Facebook page, this is the main way we communicate with our players and is also the easiest way to keep up to date with all of our events and news.
  • Read the rules; the more familiar you are with the rules of the game type you want to attend the easier it will be on the day you show up and the less time we’ll have to spend explaining things.
  • Know our Safety Protocols, please make sure you have read our safety protocols. Items deemed unsafe will not be allowed into our games and players found engaging in unsafe or prohibited behaviors may be asked to leave.
  • Download and Fill out our Waiver form, all our attendees are required to sign our waiver form in order to participate in any of our games as players or crew.
  • Send us an email, you can email us anytime at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Show up! There are a lot of ways to get started and prepare to attend your first Frontier event but the most important thing you can do is simply show up and we’ll help you figure things out.

IMG_8821Note: Combat LARP events consist of heavy combat and, like any other sport, has risk of injury. Face shots, while not encouraged, do happen, so be prepared. Wearing a helmet is always encouraged. We have never had any serious injury but you can expect an occasional bruise and the rare bloody nose. Glasses are worn at the wearers own risk as they may get broken.

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