If this is your first time hearing about LARP you likely have a lot of questions, this section is designed to help answer them. You are about to discover an entirely new world you never knew existed, and if you’re like us, once you get started you won’t be able to stop.


318236_10150413112089488_776489487_10705410_7687012_nWhat Is LARP?
LARP stands for Live Action Roleplay, but if you are new to roleplay in general, that probably doesn’t clear much up. Roleplay is pretending to be a character, this is often done sitting around a table or in front of a computer. Live action roleplay involves getting on your feet and out into the world to actually act as your character, your characters actions are your actions, the words they speak are the words you speak. The theme doesn’t matter, LARPs come in all shapes and sizes (medieval, fantasy, steampunk, vampire, zombie, etc.) the important thing is you are being active and interacting face to face with other people while being enveloped in a world you can normally only experience through a computer screen.


What Does The Frontier Do?
The Frontier runs LARPing events for many different age groups in a wide variety of themes. It is our goal to give people an immersive experience unlike any other.

We currently run 3 major events each year, the Zombie ApocalypseWasteland, and Horror LARP, a full season of Combat LARP and Kids Entertainment.

Below is a brief description of several of our different events:

526195_422896337743725_1880233217_nZombie Apocalypse: perhaps the most loved event of all is our annual Zombie Apocalypse game. With a record attendance of over 300 people and still growing it is by far our biggest game. Lights, fog, and hordes upon hordes of zombies makes for a night you will never, ever, forget. If you’ve got an unusual fascination with the undead and if you think you’ve got what it takes to survive a zombie epidemic then grab your nerf gun and baseball bat because this game is for you.

The Wasteland: One of our bigger annual games, the Wasteland is set in a Post-Apocalyptic world where only a remnant of mankind has survived nuclear fallout. Players ages 16 and up must join 1 of 3 different people groups and gather resources, make deals, and fight, in order to ensure their groups survival.

Horror LARP: Players start out with no weapons or supplies and must run and hide to survive. Work together or alone in order to dodge dark spirits and unravel the mysteries of the latest evil curse.

310702_10150413111379488_776489487_10705398_7925143_nThe Frontier LARP: A fantasy adventure LARP designed for adults with a high focus on roleplay, it takes place in a town called Roguefort, far on the eastern border of the Faldorian Kingdom, a town home to goblins, elves, men, and dwarves; the dwelling place of wizards, mighty warriors, and countless rogues. Create a character and progress through an ever changing world of intrigue and danger where the story is driven by the players choices.

IMG_8753 [Edit]Combat LARP: is a medieval themed battle game for those ages 16 and up. Pick up a weapon; sword, spear, bow and arrows, whatever you like and slay your enemies. The Red and Blue teams compete to complete varying objectives in capture the flag style games. Get struck down, respawn, and charge into the fray again. Test your strength, tactics, and skill with a blade in the heat of battle that will get your pulse racing and adrenaline pumping.

Junior Combat LARP: a medieval themed battle game designed for kids ages 12-15. If your children need some kinda of physical activity but aren’t into conventional sports this is the game for them. Here they get to be epic warriors and battle in a fun and safe environment. Competing to win control of the kingdom in a team focused game.


What’s The Cost?
IMG_8652 [Edit]
Every game type has varying costs but most games we offer, with the exception of our big annual events, average around $15-20 per person for approx 2-3 hours of game-time. We also offer season passes for each of our different event types which cover the cost for the entire season.

There are many different LARP hobby groups which have little or no game fees at all however, at the Frontier we pride ourselves with provided consistent, professional quality games, and your funds make this possible.

Players may also choose to rent weapons from our Armory or build their own, provided they pass our safety inspection. Compared to other hobbies LARP can be very inexpensive with no high costs for weapons or gear. A basic boffer sword can be built for around $15.00 and a simple costume can cost you only a handful of change at your local thrift store.


IMG_8775What Do You Use As Weapons?
So far this all sounds like fun and games, but if you’re actually fighting each other, you might be wondering what we fight with? The most common type of weapon used in our LARP is called a boffer. Boffer weapons are ones construction out of bendable cores like PVC piping or Fiberglass rods, open cell foam like that from pool noodles or camping mat, and duct tape or cloth for an outer coating. The PVC makes them strong enough to block hits but is still flexible enough that it will bend on impact and not cause injury, with the extra cushioning added by the foam a proper blow from a boffer weapon will be hard enough to feel solidly but should never cause actual pain. The outer coating adds durability and more realistic coloration to the foam. For a good example of weapon building guides check out some of these links:

For our Zombie Apocalypse and Wasteland games we also use Nerf and other foam dart guns which allow for a more modern feel but don’t require eye protection like paintball or airsoft guns.
You can also buy incredibly realistic looking LARP weapons online, a great place to look is our partners at whose weapons we have greatly enjoyed and would recommend to all. They are safe, incredibly durable, and look amazing.



309422_10150413109159488_776489487_10705354_1199851_nWhat About Costuming?
What if I don’t have a costume? Costuming is incredibly important for creating a believable world and when someone shows up in blue jeans and a t-shirt that can REALLY destroy the magic. If you can’t find a costume, or yours is still a work in progress, do not worry! No one will criticize you and we have plenty of tunics and belts you can borrow, what we would ask is that at the very minimum you wear earthy colors and nothing with visible labels, graphics, or text. It’s amazing how good a pair of black sweats and a dark long-sleeve shirt can look with a tunic and a belt. If you’re really struggling here are a few simple costume tips:

Pants; Nothing screams twenty first century like jeans so do us a favor, leave those at home and get yourself a pair of sweat pants or suit pants of brown, black, or grey.

8084_10151824348520375_1786829406_nShoes; A really great costume can be totally ruined by the wrong kind of footwear, running shoes are a definite no. If you don’t have any medieval looking boots take a pair of black rubber boots and fold down the tops, then spray paint that ugly orange lip at the bottom black, you can also wear a pair of dress or combat boots. Another tip to make mundane footwear look great is to take some plain black shoes and then make your own boot cover by wrapping fur or leather around your lower legs with thick string.

IMG_8784Tunic; A  tunic is the basis of all costumes, whether simple or great, and they can be made incredibly easily. All you need is a long sleeve shirt and a rectangle of fabric. Cut a whole in the middle of the fabric for your head, drape it over yourself and put a belt around it and you’ve got yourself your first LARP costume.

Layers; The key difference between a simple costume and an amazing one is layers, the more random trinkets, bits of fur, leather, and other fabric you can layer onto your costume the better you will look. This adds depth to both your costume and your character. Just take a look at these incredible costumes from Manitoba LARPers.



How Do I Join?
Whether you’re looking to dive headfirst into the world of LARP or just come see what it’s all about, we invite you to join us! Below you’ll find several important details about exactly how to do that.

  • Like our Facebook page, this is the main way we communicate with our players and is also the easiest way to keep up to date with all of our events and news.
  • Read the rules; the more familiar you are with the rules of the game type you want to attend the easier it will be on the day you show up and the less time we’ll have to spend explaining things.
  • Download and Fill out our Waiver form, all our attendees are required to sign our waiver form or have their parents/guardians sign it for them if they are under 18.
  • Send us an email, you can email us anytime at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible
  • Show up! There are a lot of ways to get started and prepare to attend your first Frontier event but the most important thing you can do is simply show up and we’ll help you figure things out.

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